“The intentions that led Muhammad to write Free Your Mind seem imminently important because the educational system is failing to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of black history. Andrew Muhammad, who is one of Britain’s very few black historians, addresses this issue, discussing the deficits in the British educational system, and its inadequate attempts to attract black youth into higher education.”

The author Andrew Muhammad is known throughout the Black community for his lectures on Black history, and his ‘movie breakdowns’ in which the hidden symbolic language and messages in film are unravelled to an enlightening and stunning degree.

His current London-wide series of lectures on ‘The Matrix’ being a supreme example. This book will change forever your thinking on what Black people have contributed to the advancement of ‘Man’ & ‘Mankind’ for the advancement of Civilization.

This book is a welcome and long overdue extension of these lectures, delivered in an informative, humorous style with a degree of ‘street savvy’.

There are many well known expressions, slogans and sayings associated with knowledge: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”; “Knowledge is power”; and “as a man thinketh, so is he” to name a few.

These words gain expression and relevance with this publication. The knowledge dispensed in this book will surprise man who are unread, and will inform and uplift all who are seekers after truth.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn

  • The first and original man was a Black man, making him native across the globe. He is the originator of some of the greatest living civilisations and structures known today as ‘wonders of the world’.
  • Early Britons were referred to as ‘Blackamoors’ by the arriving Romans. The first inhabitants of Britain were Black people.
  • Many of the names in Britain that are regarded as ‘bedrocks’ of Englishness actually originate from Black people. These include names such as Smith, Green, Doyle and Douglas.

As is typical of the depth of investigative knowledge of Andrew, all the historical information is referenced and documented for cross reference and deeper study.


Free Your Mind

This very exciting book will be an invaluable addition to your library